Definitely one of our favourite branding projects with every element aligned to the founder’s vision.

Project Location

London, UK

The Brand

ACONCO is a startup engineering firm focused on building trustworthy relationships via their holistic project outlook. Chetan, the founder made it very clear that he wanted the branding to reflect his vision to champion compliance and innovation in the industry.

The Challenges

Brand POD, Brand Recognition & Brand Credibility

We learned that in the engineering industry major contracts are won based on who you know and the reputation of your firm. Of course, competitive tenders are key but trust and reliability are more so. People tend to stick to the contractors they have used in the past, especially if they have done great work and as a result developed a strong relationship together.

In this kind of industry being taken seriously and winning trust, credibility and tenders all come down how people perceive you as professionals. This is where branding plays a paramount role…

Our Solution

the XX Brand Foundation Build; Edgy Brand Personality, Logo Design, Website Build, Big Focus on Brand Vision, Mission, Values & UVP

Communicating pedigree, professionalism, trust and credibility when the brand team isn’t present to do so, plays a major role in building relationships from an early stage.

Our Brand Foundation Build achieves just that; combined with strategy and talent, branding communicates the essence and persona of the brand team and the exceptional customer experience they provide.

Through our Brand Foundation Build, we helped the ACONCO team develop their brand vision, mission, values, customer segmentation and Unique Value Proposition (UVP). The visuals for the brand are a great example of our simple yet effective belief in everything we do here at XX.

Amyth and amit - branding experts - XX Logo SmallArtboard 60

XX Caution: Simple & effective at work.
– Amit Anil

ACONCO BrandingArtboard 2 copy 6

Simplicity is key! It makes room for visual flexibility and innovation. It allows your brand personality to take shape and emphasize the brand content. The ACONCO branding has built-in supportive brand elements to achieve balance in design.



ACONCO BrandingArtboard 2 copy 7

Chetan was very adamant on having an element of flair and playfulness in the brand visuals. This is only achieved by considering the brand’s long-term multi-media applications. The most common misconception we come across is when the logo gets seen as the sole meaning of branding. In fact, the brand logo is just one of several elements that makes a great, memorable brand.

Shameless plug; our Marketing Is Life series shares a window into the several elements of branding.

Simplicity in branding caters for long-term brand pivots, brand partnerships, brand mergers, co-marketing campaigns and the plethora of digital outlets and social platforms.



Visual Brand Flexibility


As you can see, simplicity in branding allows the ACONCO brand to communicate in several different forms while maintaining the overall branding. Isn’t this ability just simple, effective and awesome?!

Amyth and amit - branding experts - XX Logo Small 2Artboard 60

Business cards that leave an impact!

ACONCO Branding - business card design - amyth and amit 1Artboard 52

ACONCO Branding - business card design - amyth and amit 6ACONCO Branding - business card design - amyth and amit 3ACONCO Branding - business card design - amyth and amit 2ACONCO Branding - business card design - amyth and amit 4

The Winning Design

ACONCO Branding - business card design - amyth and amit 5

Team ACONCO picked this design for business cards to be printed on a thick recycled paper to give it an organic and durable feel. The final result was very unique and one that resonates with ACONCO’s customers even to this day.

Amyth and amit - branding experts - XX Logo Small 2Artboard 60

Brand Guidelines

The best advantage that our simple yet effective approach provides is the ease of recreation. We put a Brand Guideline document together that acts as a brand bible, a go-to for everything about your brand. Here’s a showcase of the first two pages of ACONCO’s brand guideline. This document can do wonders by saving your team a ton of time explaining what the brand is about and how best to display it to all stakeholders.

Onboarding new employees, printers, graphic designers, web designers, interior designers, brand champions, brand ambassadors and brand influencers become a breeze! The Brand Guideline ensures brand consistency across the board which builds brand recognition and brand credibility.


Amyth and amit - branding experts - XX Logo Small 2Artboard 60


Kick-off Website

We continued the flexible theme and made most of the opportunity to make most of the variety of visual brand elements we can achieve with this overall brand design.

ACONCO Website design - Branding by Amyth and amit

Check out the full website to see how we applied the brand design for a basic kick-off website structure and content.


The Result

We built a brand that not only inspires the ACONCO team on a daily basis but also stands tall among the industry giants.

ACONCO Corporate Engineering Branding - Brand identity by Amyth and amit

Amyth and amit - branding experts - XX Logo Small 2Artboard 60


What do you think about all this??

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