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Sydney, Australia

The Brand

A rebrand is a great way to evolve as a business. That’s exactly what we helped founder Chris Davidson achieve this year for his events and entertainment brand.

SAVVY Entertainment is a brand that has a very powerful and motivational story. The wow factor for us is that they already have a clear purpose and vision that sets them apart in the industry. With insights developed over 10 years of industry experience, we had a lot of fun transforming their existing emotive characteristics into a clear and concise brand.

The Challenges

Brand Strategy & Direction, Brand Recognition, Unique Value Proposition, Brand Recall, Word Of Mouth, Brand Momentum & Building a Brand Community.

As a founder, Chris is a purpose-driven human in all aspects of life. His passion for helping others and giving back to the community is evident in his everyday lifestyle. He has over 13 years of experience working in the entertainment industry as a professional DJ with a powerful point of difference. He cares about how his involvement in every event can help it run smoothly with people satisfaction as the end goal. It came to a point where he evolved past being a DJ, into a team of experts that cover multiple aspects of event entertainment services. It was time for his brand to evolve with him. That’s where we came in the picture.

Showcasing your vision in a way that captures attention and attracts your ideal opportunities is what we specialise in here at XX!

Our Solution

Brand Structure Update, Productising IP, Logo Revamp, Brand Personality Development, Marketing Collateral Revamp, Content Strategy, Brand Strategy, Design Thinking and Designing All Marketing Collateral.

This is the type of project and founder we absolutely love working with. Our solution began by identifying a clear Brand Structure targeting three industry segments. Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Events formed the basis of the SAVVY Entertainment Group. This set the starting point to position the SAVVY brand as the go-to for everything events related. Immersing ourselves in Chris’ world, understanding his industry insights and combining them with his company vision allowed us to productise his IP into a compelling Rebrand. This reflected in the smooth and consistent design of their Logo, Unique Value Proposition (UVP), Brand Catalogues, Business Cards, Website and Content Strategy.

XX Caution; simple & effective at work.

Complete rebrand and marketing strategy for SAVVY Entertainment designed and developed by Amyth and Amit.

The final logo design encapsulates Chris’ personality and his vision for SAVVY Entertainment. Simple and elegant with a strong symbolic purpose is exactly how Chris’ described him and his team at the start of the rebrand project.

We created catalogues directed at the three different events and entertainment industry segments. These cater to the language, feelings and needs of each segment and the personalities representing them.

Once we understood Chris and his vision we could channel it into the design of all brand elements. The website of any brand is the first impression for most potential customers and brand partners. So we made sure that the website encapsulated all of SAVVY’s personality and preferences. We maintained a simple yet effective approach. This was the key element that tied in everything else and completed the rebrand for Chris’ evolved brand and vision.

Brand architecture designed and developed for SAVVY Entertainment by Amyth and Amit.
A simple yet effective website designed and developed for SAVVY Entertainment by Amyth and Amit.

Since SAVVY focuses on crafting the ideal experience for their customers, showcasing and capturing it on camera became absolutely paramount to get the message through.

Capturing The Experience.

We then teamed up with Extreme Focus Films to capture the SAVVY brand experience on video. It was very important to capture and portray the brand message in all mediums. Video is one of the easiest ways to show people what you’re about and make them feel something. As you well know, people often don’t remember what you say, they often don’t remember what you do. What they do remember is how you make them feel! Video engages more human senses than you think. Hence it’s a great way to capture and attract your specific audience. Here’s a sneak peek into what we captured for Chris and his team…

As the founder and CEO, we noticed that Chris is a natural on camera and possesses a warm, approachable personality which is prominent throughout his team. We utilised this natural strength as the voice to educate customers on the value of the experience provided by the different services up for grabs. Here’s a simple yet effective example;

To take the brand credibility further, Chris decided to become a published author. We were stoked to be presented an opportunity to design the cover of his first book.

Boosting Brand Credibility.

Chris then decided to boost his authority and credibility as the key person of influence in the industry. Becoming the go-to person in the industry allows Chris to attract the best opportunities available. This means the SAVVY team gets to work on the most fun and rewarding corporate events, private events, brand activations and weddings. This is a huge advantage as Chris and his team get to deliver The SAVVY Experience without discounting their time, effort, talent and expertise.

Chris had this vision for him and his team right from the first meeting we had with him. A year late, Chris took the next step as an industry expert; he published his book titled ‘The Wedding Game Plan’ and boom! His family, friends, team and brand community supported him by sharing and spreading the word about this new achievement.

Of course, we were super excited for Chris and wanted to support him in our special way. We collaborated with Chris on the book by taking care of the designing. The result; one amazing accomplishment to add to our overall SAVVY brand build.

We had the opportunity to design the cover for Chris Davidson's first book called The Wedding Plan from SAVVY Entertainment.

We’re looking forward to helping Chris and team SAVVY on their upcoming adventures! What an amazing brand, team and visionary to work with. Love it!

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The Result

A powerful and consistent brand across all customer touch points and digital channels that connects the SAVVY vision and brand personality with the ideal customers. Creating a digital experience that hand selected customers who are a perfect fit for Chris, his team, brand values and his vision. This experience from start to finish helped Chris and his team showcase the wow factor to all their customers time and time again. With everything in place and working together, Chris and his team champion a legacy we like to call “The SAVVY Experience“.

Amyth and Amit worked with SAVVY Entertainment to design and develop a brand experience called The SAVVY Experience.

Chris Davidson, the founder of SAVVY Entertainment.

“I would say…I have been in my industry for 14 years but it’s really only been the past 12 months that our business has really prospered and thrived and working with Amit from Amyth & Amit has been an integral part of this growth.”

Chris Davidson, Founder, SAVVY Entertainment

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