Success In Simplicity

Success In Simplicity



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We often hear that simplicity is the key to success. It’s a phrase and concept that has been utilised in many industries as the benchmark that helps cut through the noise, help people understand concepts and ultimately get the desired results.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”


I recently completed a photography project called The New Zealand Natural Series. This was an aerial photo shoot I executed while flying over the North Island of New Zealand in a single propeller, four-seater plane. Staring at sunrise and finishing at sunset meant I got to capture the natural beauty in all facets of the day. What a dreamy day it turned out to be…

In this mini-series, I captured the surreal beauty depicted by the simplicity of nature. It’s a vision that feels timeless and ever so engaging. I strongly believe in the fact there is a lesson to learn from every aspect of life. Most of the important lessons often come from mother nature herself.

This photography project helped me realise that simplicity entails a certain beauty and a clear concept. The mind-blowing silhouettes created by the layers of mountains are so simple in their form and yet so memorable. “Hold up!” I said to myself while connecting the dots in my mind. “This is just like a successful branding and marketing strategy!” At this point, you’re probably thinking that I make no sense. Please let me explain!

In my career so far, the most successful branding and marketing campaigns are the ones that are simple yet effective. They capture a simple concept that people can understand within seconds if not instantly. This concept takes them on a relatable journey, telling the brand story where the product or service is the plug that provides a desirable outcome.

So take another look at your branding and marketing message and ask yourself, “Is it a simple yet effective concept?” Think like my main man Einstein;

“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

Albert Einstein

No matter what you do in your business, keeping things simple is the key to success. That’s my motto and one that is very prominent in the worlds most successful branding and marketing campaigns. If you’re wondering how you can simplify your business communications, get in touch with us and let’s talk success in simplicity!

Here are a few of my favourite photos from The New Zealand Natural Series. I hope you too can enjoy the beauty that captivates me every single time I look at them. ❤️ 🤙

The New Zealand Naturals Series - Part II
The New Zealand Naturals Series - Part I
The New Zealand Naturals Series - Part III