Marketing Is Life

Marketing Is Life


Marketing Is Life


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The Concept

‘Marketing Is Life’ is the result of an organic curiosity in the synergies between marketing, branding and our everyday lives. Being the marketing and brand man my whole life, I notice overlaps and connections between all three several times a day. Living and breathing this creative industry, I often find myself engaged in dynamic conversations either educating our Vision Partners or exploring creativity with our collective. To get my point accross effectively and concisely I utilise metaphors and analogies, which work wonders and makes for fun learning and conversation.

Long story short, my communication technique resulted in any one of us saying “you should write that down, that’s a great way to explain it!”

The Creative

Working on several parallel creative projects with our Vision Partners day in and day out, I developed a craving for pushing my creative and strategic boundaries in an organic manner. As a creative at heart and a strategic at brain, I’m constantly consuming theoretical and practical industry information to stay sharp and ahead of the game. On a daily basis I’m soaking up insights from podcasts, books, articles, TV series, movies, biographies and life experiences of pioneers and visionaries.

With so much value-rich information going into my brain I started noticing a plethora of significant synergies between marketing, branding and inter-personal dynamics on a micro and macro level. I needed an outlet, I had to get it out there to validate the concept.

The Result

From a collection of quotes and thoughts, to a series of articles collated into a book and now a video series. What started as an idea during a conversation with a Vision Partner evolved into a multi-medium project called Marketing Is Life. 💪

Marketing Is Life ~ The book exploring synergies between marketing, branding and life.

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