Unleashed Grad Trips x Entire Marcomms Build

Our brand persona build travelled all through the tropical islands of Fiji and Vanuatu, to exotic adventures around Europe, Japan and Cambodia. 

Project Location:


The Brand:

Unleashed Grad Trips is Australia’s pioneer in gateway travel. They provide 17 & 18-year-old Aussie students an experience that’s extravagant with all the bells and whistles. Their chaperones aka Unleashed Crew make sure the entire trip from start to finish is safe and smooth. They tick off all the boxes for the students and their parents alike. Our project with Unleashed Grad Trips(UGT) really took us to new lands. Literally!

The Challenges:

Brand Awareness, Brand Recognition, Brand Recall, Word Of Mouth, Brand Momentum, Customer Experience(CX) & Qualifying Leads.

Like most startups, UGT has eyebrow raising innovative products and experiences on offer. They are carefully tailored around what the customer wants. This customer-centric approach meant their entire team is very confident that they have exactly what their customers want and need.

Lack of brand awareness and limited resources make for a very tough challenge. This can be crippling to many startups and is typically caused by an asset deficiency. A brand either works for or works against the business. XX’s brand experts help businesses bottle and boost your brand by communicating a consistent message across the board to generate long-term value and returns on investment(ROI).

Our Solution:

Website Revamp, Customer Journey, Lead Nurturing, Brand Mascot, Content Marketing, User Generated Content, Design Thinking, Content Strategy, Brand Style Guideline

We developed a comprehensive brand strategy to appeal to their niche Grad Trip market. Utilising ‘Design Thinking’ we created a Customer Experience that captured the wow effect for students and parents right from their first brand contact. The result; a Customer Journey that educated and nurtured customers about the brand and its pioneering purpose.

UGT Customer Journey - Amyth and Amit - Marketing StrategyМонтажная область 99@2x


The Result:

Year on year growth in brand awareness and revenue generated. The vital aspect of this success goes to the fact that each and every member of their staff supported our efforts 100%. With powerful branding and content that showcases the brand experience in just the right way, growth is inevitable!

We teamed up with RAAW Creative to capture the awe-inspiring Fiji Grad Trip experience. See for yourself…

We teamed up with Extreme Focus Films to capture the sensational snow experience on UGTs Japan Grad Trip.

If you’re interested to find out if you are experiencing lack of growth caused by brand asset deficiency, get in touch with us and let’s get you growing!

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