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We loved working with Joanna. She is full of love and affection for her customers.

project location:


the brand

What started as an idea is now quickly becoming a local brand. Joanna Ndaba Artistry aka JN Artistry is all about Joanna’s passion for empowering women. She understands that her customers become her family over time. Her passion to help women look absolutely gorgeous for special occasions is what caught our attention.

the challenge

founder’s personality embedded in branding

Joanna came to us with one simple goal; to capture her talent and personality in her logo and business cards. She wanted her brand to stand out and focus on the elegant aspect of the beauty industry while avoiding the tacky and often gaudy look of beauty brands and brick and mortar stores.

our solution

Designing an elegant brand in an industry flooded with low-quality branding was simple yet complex. Elegant branding is often simple and minimalistic. We decided to utilise Joanna’s two main tools of her trade and combined it with the common practice of adding a ‘xo’ at the end of personal messages.

Now her branding utilises the logo as a mascot as she signs messages to clients with XO. We love the simplicity and cuteness of the overall outcome. This is a brand designed to attract and speak with her target consumer.


But that’s not all folks, we went a step further and brought Joanna’s vision to life with her very own director’s chair! We reckon it’s a fabulous addition to capturing everything her brand is about.

With several startups popping up on a regular basis, your branding plays a crucial role to help you stand out, cut through the noise and reach your ideal customer. If you’re starting a business or are looking to rebrand, get in touch with us for a free consultation!

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