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Brand Guideline


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Brand guidelines are a set of rules that allow you to ensure you represent your brand value and market position consistently and effectively.

Bottle Your DNA

Once you have a full brand set up regardless of it’s complexity, it’s very beneficial to document it all in your brand guideline. This is a document with instructions and guidelines on all the elements that make up your brand. Everything, from your brand colours, brand fonts, tone of voice, brand values, logo usage, social media rules, email set-up, stationery templates and much more.

The idea behind having a brand guideline is so you can be confident that your brand look and feel will be maintained when working with printers, videographers, content creators, designers and pretty much anyone that your outsource your work to. You just send them your brand guideline document or shared folder and they have all the details needed to make sure their work is on-brand.

As your business grows, so does your team and internal processes. Your brand guideline is the perfect way to document processes and ensure all team members are on-brand. This includes internal communications like their branded email address, inter-personal behaviour to more public aspects like their LinkedIn and other social profiles. Having a brand guideline ensures your brand identity is communicated with consistency across all platforms and channels.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what stage your business and its brand is in. We can capture your brand identity in your very own brand guideline. If you’d like, we are more than happy to discuss how a brand guideline can help you. The coffee is on us! haha

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