Everyone wants to belong to a thriving, positive and loving community. Yet, it’s hard to figure out what makes a great community and even harder to contribute to it. This is valid for both people and brands.


investing in people close to you
strengthens community.

-Amit Anil

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This one speaks volumes when conversations of community spark up. More often than not negative stories generate more engagement in our communities than positive ones. Think about the daily news, negative reviews and trending topics on social media as a few examples.

Positive stories are occurring every single day in our communities online and offline. But we need to make an effort to increase exposure to positivity. We have to go hunt for it.

From an individual perspective, it’s easier to hear the not so positive stories about a person. It’s not until you get closer to the person, their family and friends, that you uncover the positive stories. For an individual family and friends are the community.

From a business and brand perspective, it’s easier to find and focus on negative stories featuring in customer reviews and media outlets than the positive ones. There’s a lot that is out of our control as a brand when it comes to perception. That’s an acceptable reality. But once we get closer to the brand’s loyal customers, employees and partners we uncover the positive stories.

Of course, it’s not that straight forward there are individuals and brands that are out to harm. But this is when investing in your community emotionally, spiritually and physically strengthens our community.

What you do and how you do it is one of life’s beautiful adventures.


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