Marketing Is Life ~ Brand Authenticity

Marketing Is Life ~ Brand Authenticity


Marketing Is Life


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Understanding the who, what, why, when, where and how about life and business is paramount if you want to make most of each and every day.

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“Think creatively communicate authentically.”

Amit Anil

Brand Authenticity

Authenticity is the result of a deep understanding of yourself and the value you can create. Knowing your position in our vast world from a macro and micro point of view provides true clarity.

Figuring it all out can be messy but so is creativity at first. I believe it’s also the reason why an advertising executive called Alex Osborn coined the term brainstorm.

Businesses can utilise this concept to gain clarity on their brand persona. It allows for clear and concise articulation of the brand’s value proposition. Clarity in brand communication not only connects with people at lightning speed but also commands authenticity and credibility.

Think about how quickly we can determine the authenticity and credibility of a person, product or brand. This ability is often referred to as intuition or gut feeling and is based on our interpretation of what is being communicated. Communication is one of the most vital elements of our human world. It has the power to cause or prevent wars, achieve sustainability or spark implosion, entice an emotive purchase fuelled by trust or motivate proactive negative brand publicity.

Despite the copious impacts of poor communication, people and businesses often underestimate the abundant benefits of great, clear, authentic communication.

Communicate clearly, connect authentically.