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Sydney, Australia

The Brand

MedGo is a startup in the healthcare sector that’s committed to improving the lives of Australians when they need it most. When sickness hits home, finding time to visit the pharmacy is a struggle. That’s where MedGo comes into the picture. It allows consumers to order over-the-counter products and get their prescriptions, processed, filled and delivered right to their door.

Now that our society is comfortable with UberEats style business models, MedGo takes this convenience commerce and connects it to better health and wellbeing.

The Challenges

Brand Promise Framing, Brand Credibility & Service Conceptualisation

When it comes to personal and family health, it instantly leads to the potential of better community health. Every winter viruses like the common flu spread without a miss. This is mostly due to ineffective prevention. More often than not, it comes down to the inconvenient task to physically visit a pharmacy to purchase the required preventative products. In the space of mobile apps, it’s vital that the target consumer understands the value offered, within seconds. Apps are downloaded and deleted in minutes and the reasons are widespread. It ranges from user experience, concept adoption, service promise delivery or simply the need for the app itself.

Because this has been the norm in our lives to date, the challenge lies in showcasing the value MedGo has to offer before the need to head to the pharmacy is born.

Showcasing your story in a way that captures attention and attracts your ideal opportunities is what we specialise in here at XX!

Our Solution

Brand Identity Focused on Safety, Highlighting The Value Offering

After our exploration and research stage, we identified two main aspects required to launch successfully. Firstly, we needed to focus on capturing safety and trust in the brand identity. Secondly, the concept needed to be communicated clearly and concisely so the target market understands the value-rich experience MedGo has to offer and thinks it’s a no-brainer.

We believe our ethos of aiming for simple and effective definitely helped us craft a beautiful solution for MedGo.

XX Caution; simple & effective at work.

MedGo branding and strategy

A brand that entices a level of emotional comfort and warmth while introducing the target market to the simple yet effective value offered by MedGo. We decided to go with a vivid, pink and white colour scheme to capture fun and trust right off the bat. Combined with an elegant, minimal yet vivid visual identity MedGo has the room to connect with consumers on a personal level while capturing the credibility and authority at a business level. One of the aspects of the MedGo brands that excites us is its versatility in application; it works well for print, web and the UX & UI for their mobile app. That’s one of the many elements that makes us love what we do.

To top it off, we made a point to showcase the founders and their story which resulted in the birth of MedGo. We believe connecting the founders’ personal story to the brand is an impactful way to boost user adoption.

With a brand identity that sets the right foundation for a brand community to form, MedGo has the potential to scale internationally in high-demand markets.

The Result

A fun, versatile and effective brand foundation with a strategy in place to attract and build a thriving customer community.

MedGo website and mobile app design.

Amazing things begin with amazing people. Oh, and a conversation! Quote by Amit Anil, founder of Amyth & Amit.

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