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Sydney, Australia

The Brand

The Amyth & Amit collective is a concept entirely based on our ability to function as a scalable and agile team of experts. Our understanding of the marketing industry and our vision for a innovative working structure aligned right off the bat. All of us came to a conclusion that our industry expertise and creative eye combined with the vision of our clients makes for a brilliant result.

Since our thoughts and ideas align, we needed one name and symbol to represent our talent, skill-set and ethos.

The Challenges

Showcase Brand Value Proposition, Brand Recognition

Off the mark, when it comes to developing our own brand, as fun as it can be, it is also a very challenging task. It needs to hit the mark and represent a collective of creatives. That makes for a wide variety in style and personas in one room. Being the branding and strategy specialist in the collective, the task fell on Amit to bring this one home. The challenge; to capture the style and vision of our collective in one cohesive brand.

Showcasing your story in a way that captures attention and attracts your ideal opportunities is what we specialise in here at XX!

Our Solution

Brand Foundation Build, Multi-Purpose Logo Symbol

To capture all our creative essences into one cohesive brand identity, we decided to put our own branding blueprint to the test; the Brand Foundation Build. The process and workshops are already set up to translate a vision into a complete brand. This was when things got exciting.

It felt like a creative roller coaster, a power-packed session of ideas and styles that left us with hundreds of design options and variations.

Amyth and Amit logo design method.

The Result

Utilising our own Brand Foundation Build, developed to deliver powerful brands was a great way to start our new venture together! This branding blueprint covers the brand’s customer segmentation, vision, mission, values, unique value proposition, brand strategy, brand positioning, brand assets like the logo, fonts, colour scheme and the content strategy. Three weeks and 76 brand concepts later, the XX brand is born!

We developed a comprehensive brand with the works. We want our brand to set the standard and capture the WOW effect. Once the brand is developed, then customer-facing brand elements like marketing collateral, website design and content strategy automatically fall into place.

Amyth and Amit branding identity.
Amyth and Amit creative direction specialists.
Amyth and Amit brand identity specialists.

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