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Marketing Is Life ~ Brand Foundation


Marketing Is Life


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Close your eyes, imagine a glorious skyscraper! The first thing we do is look up in awe but rarely do we look down and wonder how deep the foundation sits.

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“The deeper the foundation the taller the skyscraper.”

Amit Anil

Brand Foundation

Our personal and professional lives are much the same. In our society, the collective sight focuses on success in people’s lives and seldom on its foundations and build time.

This collective outlook affects business and brands alike. More often than not, founders and executives in the startup and SME world undermine the value of building strong foundations. A vital part of starting a journey is knowing where to go, how to go about it and who to be along the way.

Branding and marketing boil down to talking to the right people, at the right place, at the right time, with the right message. You’d assume every business has it figured out, but that’s seldom the case. When the foundational elements of business and brand are shallow, the journey becomes wasteful and confusing. We feel lost, not knowing what the next step should be. Taking the wrong path initially can waste a lot of time, resources and dampen the best of spirits.

A new venture is like a marathon, demanding preparation in return for success. At a business level, it starts with supply and demand, how well you can fill the gap or create one in the market. Innovation and disruption fuel evolution. At a brand level, your vision, mission, values, UVP and the overall CX are the driving factors.

Foundation fuels finesse.