Creating the brand for New Zealand’s first vegan desserts company was very exciting right from the get-go!

Project Location:


The Brand:

Apron Empowered is the brainchild of founder Anish Aya, a vegetarian turned vegan. Now, you’re probably thinking that isn’t much of a difference, so did I at first. But when he filled me in on his story and his vision, it all made sense. Good vegan desserts are hard to come by so Apron Empowered(AE) has a need to cater for.

Building the brand for New Zealand’s first vegan desserts company was very exciting right from the get-go!

The Challenges:

brand connection, branding consistency & brand loyalty

Since vegan desserts cater for a type of niche, we had to ensure that a wide variety of people and taste buds could relate and build an emotional connection with the brand. At this time of 2013, the vegan concept was still quite new for the New Zealand masses. So it was vital that the brand attracts a wide market, opens the dialogue about the vegan lifestyle and makes it a fun, educational and interactive experience.

Anish’s vision was to become the first name people think about when they think vegan.

Our Solution:

The Brand Foundation Build – brand vision, customer segmentation, uvp, brand persona and a detailed brand guideline

Our Brand Foundation Build defines your go-to-market strategy to ensure your branding represents you and your business to a tee; setting you up for the long run. Not only does it attract the right customer but also helps them identify you as a better match than your current competitors. In addition, it empowers you to stay away from a price battle with current and future competitors as you focus on adding maximum value to your customers.

The key to success for this project was the attention to detail. We made sure the AE brand personality was prominent in every aspect of internal and external business. It was important to build a brand that not only connects with the right customers but also empowers and conditions internal teams to feel like they are the brand too. It helps them take pride in their work and the brand’s purpose. The AE’s team mindset and attitude is instantly reflected by people and customers.

We built a clean, quirky yet trustworthy brand that is now Apron Empowered, pioneer and industry leader in New Zealand.


The outcome; a simplified illustrated version of the founder himself. His signature thick beard, a little tin-tin inspired quiff and his best mate, the apron. Which is what you will catch him in often as he’s always experimenting and developing new recipes.

Here comes the fun part; branding every element of the customer’s experience with AE.



Apron Empowered-Amyth And amit - brand packaging

Anish’s recipes not only tasted divine but also looked the part. He was very particular on making his creations look clean, simple yet quirky. Much like the brand feel and aesthetics. He cooked some of his popular desserts for us as a way to experience the brand. That was the key inspiration for the brand concept we developed for Apron Empowered. Reminder; these are all vegan desserts! YUMMMMM 😋

The Result:

A fun yet elegant brand that cherishes the joy good healthy desserts can bring to the community. Not only was the brand a huge hit with the locals but it now has grown to multiple branches around the city of Auckland and their products are stocked in boutique stores around New Zealand.

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