An exciting branding project working with a youth development organisation introducing their new initiative aimed at students aged 18-25.

Project Location:


The Brand:

Y.U.V.A is an initiative by students for students. A self-funded not-for-profit volunteer organisation that helps students achieve a balance between cultures and generations. They take a round table approach to all their activities which are specifically designed to challenge students and help them evolve as individuals.

The Challenge:

brand awareness, brand connection, building a brand community, to make volunteering cool

Students making the transition from high school to university is an exciting time. Crucial for the development of values, beliefs, sense of adventure and how the world works. Younger generations are understanding the value of genuine human connections. Especially with the exponential growth of technology and social media. YUVA is essentially a group of friends based across AUSTRALIA, who always wondered what it would be like if they helped each other grow and take on the ‘real world’ together. This is where they reached out to us to help them structure and design their brand.

Our Solution:

brand foundation build, logo design, brand naming, brand strategy, brand ethos, brand vision, mission & values, brand merchandising

We really enjoyed working with the team at YUVA. They are a group of life long friends who are proactive, full of ideas and want to grow together. Plenty of positive vibes challenging status quo and out to change their world.

The main tool that helped us develop a solution was to listen. In our first couple of meetings we listened, took notes and understood their motivations, fears, desires and frustrations. We learned that their goals are international. They want to attract and empower youth who think alike and want to make a difference in the world.

We conducted a few branding workshops to educate and help them understand how branding can be used to achieve their goals and build a community of like-minded students. We then helped them develop an onboarding marketing process that minimised miscommunication and ensured everyone understood YUVA’s vision and mission. We then developed processes and systems so they could replicate the same concept nationally and internationally Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland. It started with their logo which also doubled as their brand mascot;


We decided to go a step further and conducted an ad-hoc workshop to educate the team on how to use social media and merchandising to grow their student community rapidly.

Step One was to emphasize the brand mascot to build a sense of belonging and unity in thoughts. The solution for this was simple. Ensure the core team is always seen in the brand apparel. We started with hoodies and then added tees and singlets to cover attire for all seasons of the year.

YUVA Pro Bono Branding and Merchandising

It was awesome to see the team sporting their brand new YUVA brand and mascot. We then helped the YUVA team to develop Brand Slogans to boost Brand Belonging and increase their community connection.

Their first official annual Youth Development Camp was on the horizon. They shared their camp content with us which was definitely engaging and relevant to their generation. But their challenge was communicating it to potential members. They also needed help attracting organic attention to the camp and the brand new initiative. We developed a concept aka theme for the camp called “Get Lit”. As you can tell, this captured a perfect balance of controversy and purpose. The theme itself was a conversation and in some cases a debate starter. It’s at that point where the YUVA team chimed in to direct the interest and curiosity towards the YUVA mission and vision.


The Result:

The first camp was a huge success with plenty of ‘buzz’ built and a lot of likes and shares achieved. Here are a few snaps of an amazing initiative by an amazing group of young adults;

YUVA Pro Bono Logo Design - YOGA WorkshopsYUVA Pro Bono Branding in SydneyYUVA Pro Bono Branding - Team Building WorkshopsYUVA - Pro Bono Brand Development - Team Building ActivitiesYUVA - Pro Bono Brand Development - Team Building Bonfire activitiesYUVA Pro Bono Brand Development by Amyth and Amit in Sydney

Amyth and amit - branding experts - XX Logo SmallArtboard 60

What do you think about all this??

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