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The logo is the mascot and the first impression people have of your business and the brand.

Your Logo, Your Champion

Designing a logo for your business always seems to be a small factor when you’re starting off. In fact, it’s one of the most important aspects required to kick things off smoothly. Your logo is the silent ambassador of your brand. It helps bridge the gap between what you want customers to think about your brand and what they actually think about it.

All of the famous logos have one key aspect in common; they instantly communicate and connect your brand message with the right customer. Amongst millions, the most significant and memorable logos deliver a brand’s values to customers in a subliminal way. The big question is, what is the secret recipe for creating a logo that truly resonates with people and organically builds your brand community?

We will let our all-time favourite designers answer that question one-by-one. These individuals have shaped our world by giving birth to some of your favourite brand logos.

To design is to communicate clearly, by whatever means you can control or master. Quote by Milton Glaser who designed the I Love New York Logo.

Let’s start with Milton Glaser. The man who designed the I Love New York logo in 1977. Yes, and it has never gone out of fashion. What he didn’t realise was that this logo design would end up being the face of New York City. How amazing is it, that one simple design has travelled all over the world and connected millions of people with their love for the city.

We believe a logo should contain a maximum of two simple concepts if it is to resonate with people instantly.

Amit Anil
Logos are a graphic extension of the internal realities of a company. Quote by Saul Bass who designed the Kleenex logo.

Saul Bass is an American design legend. The average lifespan of Saul’s logo designs stands at an amazing 34 years. Saul is also the creator of logos for United Airlines, Minolta, Girl Scouts of America, AT&T and Quaker Oats. We chose Kleenex as our favourite as it remains relevant for all time. Even babies born this week will grow up with his logo design from the 1980s.

We believe that if you spend a day in the office of a business, the logo should encapsulate your experience with the brand.

Amit Anil
I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of these two things. Quote by Lindon Leader who designed the FedEx Logo.

Ahh, the much celebrated hidden arrow in the FedEx logo design is still a mystery to many. Lindon has had success designing logos for brands such as Hawaiian Airlines, Disney, Motorola and many more. We believe the more clarity a founder has on the vision for the business, the easier it is for us to design a concept that nails it. Much like our designs, we strive to keep everything simple here at XX.

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand. Quote by Paul Rand who designed the ABC logo.

Paul Rand is by far one of the most celebrated logo designers and is constantly quoted by experts around the world. Our favourite logo designed by him in 1962 is for ABC. He has famously said that a logo does not sell directly, it identifies.

Your logo is a direct representation of you. He also designed iconic logos such as IBM and UPS.

We believe that when you’re not around to explain what your business is about, your logo and branding holds it down.

Amit Anil

We feel like we are descendants of these amazing people by profession. For us, creating a logo is like giving birth to a child. We’re excited about the life it will live as much as the birth itself. Yes, sounds extreme, but we’re not alone…

Watching what I created in the 70s go through changes is like watching my kids grow up. I'm terribly proud of my kids and I'm terribly proud of the logo as well. Quote by Rob Janoff who designed the Apple logo.

Rob Janoff had no idea Apple was going to evolve like it did. It all started when his boss at the time asked him to do a favour for a friend named Steve. Rob followed the same design process that he would with any other logo project. He believed that anything he creates has to be his best work regardless of whether it’s a big company or not. This gave way to my strongest skill; the ability to simplify and visualise difficult concepts. I found that I had a natural ability to create designs that are simple yet effective.

The best logos are simple and often have nothing to do with the products or service offered by the brand. But everything to do with the brand’s core values.

Amit Anil

There is one very crucial aspect of every logo we design. This one thing has to happen in order for us to deliver a logo that truly resonates…

I like it. I really do. I never get tired of looking at it. Quote by Carolyn Davidson who designed the Nike logo.

Carolyn Davidson, none other than the genius mind that designed The Swoosh in 1971. We could not have said it better. We absolutely love what we do, so if we aren’t totally in love with the logo we design then it’s not the one. The logo of your brand is ultimately yours. We want you to feel the same excitement we do. Working together, we find the solution that makes you think, ” I never get tired of looking at it!” This to us is the true meaning of success.

We have uploaded a few of our favourites to our portfolio. Have a browse and see for yourself. 🤙😊

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