Joanna Ndaba Artistry

Joanna Ndaba Artistry


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Auckland, New Zealand

The Brand

Joanna Ndaba Artistry is all about Joanna’s passion for empowering women. She understands that her clients become an integral part of her brand community over time. Her passion to help women look and feel beautiful every single day and especially on big occasions is what fuelled our creativity. She understands the controversy around makeup and beauty yet strives to understand and educate her clients on best practices to manage both.

Her in-depth knowledge about what products suit which skin type and lifestyle is one of the main reasons behind her high customer loyalty. This is when she approached us to help her build a brand around the momentum she began building with her vision, values and beliefs.

The Challenges

Brand POD, showcasing founder persona, limited resources, diverse customer base

Joanna came to us with one simple goal; to capture her vision and beliefs in a brand that instantly connects with her ideal customers. Sounds simple right? In fact it’s quite a challenge as she has three different target markets in 3 different demographics and psychographics. A challenge like this is exactly what gets us fired up. Joanna wanted her brand to stand out in the cosmetics industry and focus on the natural elegance of the beauty industry while emphasizing the importance of caring for your body and soul. We had our work cut out for us as we needed to build a brand that would be capable of facilitating future merchandising and franchising plans.

Showcasing your story in a way that captures attention and attracts ideal opportunities is what we specialise in here at XX!

Our Solution

Brand Foundation Build, Customer Segmentation Workshop, UVP Development, Web Presence Build, Ongoing Marketing Coaching

The most important part of developing a brand that hits the mark is understanding the needs, wants, desires, fears, frustrations, values, passions and ethos of the founder. We achieve this through the workshops involved in our Brand Foundation Build. As a team of vision catalysts, it’s vital for us to be able to read between the lines when it come to understanding a founder’s vision. It’s a skill we have refined into an art form and one that remains part of our secret sauce collection.

Our Customer Segmentation workshops provide clarity on exactly who it is the brand is targeting. In most cases it also helps the founders understand which customer segment needs to be prioritised based on several different factors. Our Unique Value Proposition workshop takes our findings to the next level helping the founders articulate the value offered and problem solved in one powerful statement. As a result we collate all the information and turn it into a brand that nails it in every aspect.

XX Caution; simple & effective at work.

Successfully developing an elegant yet impactful brand in a crowded red ocean industry comes down to research and market analysis. Taking the simple yet effective approach we champion in all our projects, we identified a sweet spot that suited Joanna’s persona, addressed her brand vision and catered for a gap in the industry which became obvious to us thanks to our competitive analysis.

The two key aspects of the brand personality are elegance and finesse. Since the focus of Joanna Ndaba Artistry is on hair styling and makeup artistry we had a light bulb moment to merge the tools of her trade with finesse.

This merger took the form of the logo symbol which also worked perfectly as a brand mascot or a brand seal so to speak. The minimalism in the illustration is what gives it a vivid, memorable personality.

Joanna Ndaba Artistry branding and marketing strategy by Amyth and Amit.

The Visuals

Beauty, elegance and finesse being the overall theme for Joanna’s brand, our Brand Foundation Build clearly outlined the look and feel for all the brand visuals. Our proven methods made it very easy for Joanna to articulate her vision and values through photography and videography.

We helped her organise a strategic launch event that catered for several different business goals and helped us produce content to fuel the next step of building a website for her business.

It was paramount that we injected all of the brand essence we built, into Joanna Ndaba Artistry’s photos and videos. We developed a visual brand guideline to help Joanna produce content that was consistently on brand to boost brand recognition and encourage her brand community to share the content.

Web Presence.

One of our key beliefs we educate all our Vision Partners on is that their website is the brand’s first impression, the number one brand ambassador, a revenue generating asset rather than a ‘Hi, look at me, I’m so pretty! ‘ showcase. When done right, a website has the ability to attract the ideal customer and help them buy better. A key part of our secret sauce is that publishing a website is just step one! There are several other factors that help your website succeed, like little minions or a support network.

Building the website for Joanna Ndaba Artistry had to cater for several internal and external factors. It needed to embody the brand vision, mission and values. With limited resources at her disposal we wanted to provide Joanna with an asset that drives business growth and boost brand adoption. Showcasing her artistry with big, bold and impactful imagery was the overall style we aimed for. The website had become the epicentre of the Joanna Ndaba Artistry. It is the first step towards positioning the brand as the key brand of influence in the industry.

One of our specialities is helping founders create brand elements that become a ‘thing’, to capture a feeling of community and belonging. In this case we green brained her clients and developed a concept called ‘Living Bonita!’, which formed the foundation for a brand community. All of the women Joanna works with become Bonitas and represent her definition of beauty.

Branding and website design for Joanna Ndaba Artistry by Amyth and Amit.

With several startups popping up on a regular basis, branding plays a crucial role to help you stand out, cut through the noise and reach your ideal customer. If you’re starting a business or are looking to rebrand, get in touch to get the conversation started!

The Result

A brand that champions powerful women while facilitating business expansion and evolution. Joanna is executing on big plans one by one and it’s soul-soothing for us to witness the brand stay agile and scale along with the business.

We’re excited to be the official brand development partner to help bring her brand vision to life.

Joanna Ndaba, the founder of JN Artistry loves her brand designed by Amyth and Amit.

Joanna Ndaba founder of Joanna Ndaba Artistry.

“My biggest fear was the failure of not knowing how to move forward or even where to start. With Amits help I have begun to understand what my business stands for as well as giving me more clarity into the direction I should aim for. He simplifies every step with examples and a lot of support. Being understood even when I don’t understand what I’m trying to get across. He helped me find the missing pieces.

He’s got so much to offer, goes above and beyond to help and support you from start to finish and the finished product you’ll gain is astounding.”

Joanna Ndaba, Founder, Joanna Ndaba Artistry

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