Brand Identity Showcase – ACONCO

Brand Identity Showcase ~ ACONCO


Brand Foundation Build


London, UK

We both found synergy in our motto of Success in Simplicity. This made developing the logo, typography, colours, messaging, imagery and all the elements that complement and reinforce the brand identity and reputation, a streamlined effort!

Combined with strategy and talent, branding communicates the essence and persona of the brand and the promised customer experience offered.

Branding and strategy for ACONCO Engineering based in UK, London.

The Brand

The best part of creating a brand identity or as I like to call it the “Brand Foundation Build” is experimenting with the several combinations that can represent the same brand ethos.

ACONCO is all about elegant and clean precision. Bold yet calm. Simple yet effective. Powerful yet nimble. Here’s an insight into how your brand visuals can help attract the ideal opportunities in the form of customers, ambassadors and brands partners. Team this up with the right voice and tone in your copywriting and SHAZAM! You’ve helped people categorise you and your brand while setting certain expectations of value, quality and the customer experience to expect.

As consumers, we are surrounded by branding and yet many startups and business owners undermine the power and value of their branding. Your brand is an asset worth investing in. Look around you and ask yourself why you have or haven’t bought certain brands. Your brand is like your personality. It attracts or repels certain people and opportunities. Combined with a value-adding product and an exceptional customer experience, branding has the power to take you where you want to be and beyond.

A properly built brand identity helps you achieve brand consistency across all customer touch points such as business cards, website, brochures, merchandise, social media, content, advertising and pretty much everything that is customer facing.

I’m a huge believer of simplicity in success. Our human tendency pushes us to complicate even the simplest aspects of life. Simplicity and minimalism aren’t easy to achieve, but definitely worth the effort. Simple is memorable, simple is relatable.

For me, there’s nothing better than producing an elegant, polished brand that inspires and fills the client with absolute joy. After all, it’s the beginning of a new journey, an exciting new adventure filled with all sorts of life lessons. It’s the first step towards making a vision come to life. The idea of reality. See people touch, feel, experience and interact with what was once just a thought.

I have no doubt there’s plenty of excitement to come for team ACONCO!

Capturing it all in a simple and structured Brand Guideline is the best way to bottle your brands DNA.

It’s a lot like our personal brands. All our choices, from what we wear, how we look, how we speak, how we smell, the car we drive, the thoughts we have, the values and virtues we uphold, the conversations we enjoy, the friends we hold on to, our actions or lack of and everything else about us, communicates our brand. In a way, we bottle the DNA of who we are as individuals and our position in society.

Brand Consistency is vital to stay true to your brand DNA and as a result, head in the direction that’s right for you.

Branding guideline designed and developed by Amyth and Amit for ACONCO Engineering based in UK, London.

Amyth and Amit Branding Specialists.