Allcity was a project I took on just because I liked the concept of the message. Music promotions in all key cities. I was quite happy with the turnout of this logo design.

Project Location:


The Brand

ALLCITY Promotions played a key role in promoting New Zealand Music and getting the locals excited to support it. Music is a massive interest for all kiwis. The several different Pacific and Asian cultures have their own take on music, but it definitely plays a huge role in each culture. ALLCITY’s main goal was to empower and uplift local kiwi musicians and grow the New Zealand music community across the country.

The Challenges

brand awareness & effective communication of the brand message

The main hurdle faced was the ability to communicate what they are capable of achieving in one visual. The second was to design a logo that will be evergreen no matter what trend pops up.

Our Solution

simple yet effective, topline message communicated, brand style, designed for the target market

The name was the first thing that attracted me to this project. Cooper, the founder of Allcity Promotions came to me with a challenge to communicate the meaning of their name and the fact that they function in major cities around the world. The result was something very simple yet effective.

AllcityFeatureArtboard 1

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