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Testimonial from Jot Lynas, Founder & Managing Director, Unleashed Grad Trips

“We’ve always expected great things from Amit. From day one he has gone above and beyond to build our brand so our students can feel like they are part of a new Australian tradition.

Word-of-mouth is the most important sales generator for us and Amit delivered just that!”

Jot Lynas, Founder & Managing Director, Unleashed Grad Trips
Testimonial from Joanna Ndaba, Founder, Joanna Ndaba Artistry

My biggest fear was the failure of not knowing how to move forward or even where to start. With Amit’s help I have begun to understand what my business stands for as well as giving me more clarity into the direction I should aim for. He simplifies every step with examples and a lot of support. Being understood even when I don’t understand what I’m trying to get across. He helped me find the missing pieces.

He’s got so much to offer, goes above and beyond to help and support you from start to finish and the finished product you’ll gain is astounding.

Joanna Ndaba, Founder, Joanna Ndaba Artistry
Testimonial from Jeremy Liddle, Serial Entrepreneur & TEDx Speaker

“Amit was a pleasure to work with. He took the time to properly understand the brief, coach me through the pros and cons of various platforms and design options, and then followed up after delivery to make sure ongoing performance and maintenance was optimised.”

Jeremy Liddle, Serial Entrepreneur & TEDx Speaker
Testimonial from Tania-Rubini Naidu, Founder, Distinguish Oneself

Starting a brand and not knowing head or tail what is going to come at you can be a little daunting. Amit has been absolutely amazing and supportive in outlining what it is I need to look forward to. I say look forward to because every time I was faced with a technical situation in regards to my business designs, marketing or advertising he always threw a positive spin on things. That’s just the kind of vibe you need when building a business.

He’s played it straight with his opinion with no sugar coating. He’s understood my needs and wants from the get-go and innovated on them. It’s hard to find someone on the same wavelength but in saying that, it’s extremely important to do so. His personal interest and flare in fashion have been a supporting element in understanding my business.

Without a doubt, he has contributed outside the box, above and beyond my expectations and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Tania-Rubini Naidu, Founder, Distinguish Oneself
Testimonial from Chris Davidson, Founder, SAVVY Entertainment

“I would say…I have been in my industry for 14 years but it’s really only been the past 12 months that our business has really prospered and thrived and working with Amit from Amyth & Amit has been an integral part of this growth.”

Chris Davidson, Founder, SAVVY Entertainment
Vinny Lohan, Founder, OneBeep & OneBuzz

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Amit on the developing our branding for OneBeep. And not only did Amit deliver logos that people could emotionally connect to and identify with, he went out of his way to kindly advise me on how best to integrate one of the logos with my web site, my brochures, business cards the whole collateral.

The man is a branding and design machine. I would whole heartedly recommend him to anyone seeking aforementioned services.”

Vinny Lohan, Founder, OneBeep & OneBuzz
Testimonial from Anish Aya, Founder, Apron Empowered

“From the start, Amit instantly understood my vision for the business. His direction on branding and photography has been on point. We have attracted the exact customer and business partnerships we’ve always wanted. Amit’s organised data driven marketing campaigns helped us grow quicker than expected, which meant we needed his help more than ever.

I am very proud of our brand and our customer community built around it.”

Anish Aya, Founder, Apron Empowered
Kunal Bhusare, Director, Gyrix Technolabs

“We engaged Amit for creating a new business brand. Our biggest fear was that the designer might not be able to work within the creative constraints that we had put in. However, after our discussion with Amit, we realized that he was able to take our directives and work within the multiple constraints while still being as creative as possible. The favourite part of our work was Amit’s style of storytelling and taking us on a creative journey while finalizing the deliverables.

We highly recommend Amit for his creative abilities, professionalism and timely execution of projects.”

Kunal Bhusare, Director, Gyrix Technolabs
Nick Pavlakis, Co-Founder, Extreme Focus Films

Without a doubt, my biggest fear was the price. Which I’d assume most people share as a common hurdle when moving forth on developing a website. I was surprised to see that the proposed quote fit well within my budget and exceeded all my expectations. Hands down my favourite part was not being treated like a clientele statistic but a genuine mate in business. 

I would say that Amit will be your genie in a bottle for your branding and marketing.

Nick Pavlakis, Co-Founder, Extreme Focus Films
Batia Grinblat, Founder, Infinitelyou

“I thought I could build my website from scratch.  It seemed easy and then all the techy stuff started happening or rather not.  Realizing that I don’t have the patience or the talent nor the desire, I sought someone who would help me while I work on the content.  So, after posting a comment on my local community group Amit commented and we started our chat.

I’ve been burned before by another web designer and from experiences in other areas in my life, I found that people are extremely good at lip service .  I never doubted Amit’s capability after our 1 hour conversation.  He had a plan, which I didn’t for once, his proposition ticked all my boxes.  I felt connected and heard, which is 95% of battles when you start projects.  He listened, suggested, offered opinion in a non judgmental way and kept me in check with progress.

My favourite part was that we were able to have some interesting conversations about many topics and do the work within the schedule we allocated.  Amit made it easy! I would highly recommend Amit to anyone who wants a website designed and keeping informed with marketing trends. His commitment, friendliness, authenticity was shining right through.

You’re the real thing and I look forward to working with you on this project and the other one we talked about!

Batia Grinblat, Founder, Infinitelyou
Testimonial from Rakesh Chauhan, Founder, Namaste Express

“We are truly impressed by Amit’s amazing work. Through his strategic plan, he not only provided us with great a outcome but also helped to build our brand image in a very simple yet effective way. We continuously receive compliments about our branding even to this day.

Working with Amit, has definitely helped us attract the loyal customer community we’ve always wanted!”

Rakesh Chauhan, Founder, Namaste Express

It has been a great pleasure working with Amit. I really wasn’t sure what to expect but Amit made the whole process so smooth. I didn’t understand how important branding was until we completed the project together. I have more clarity about my business vision, mission and purpose. I would strongly recommend that anyone who has a business to get in contact with Amit.

Rania Zed, Founder, FitraHealing