Tania-Rubini Naidu, Founder of Distinguish Oneself

Starting a business and not knowing head or tail what is going to come at you can be a little daunting. Amit has been absolutely amazing and supportive in outlining what it is I need to look forward to. I say look forward to because every time I was faced with a technical situation in regards to my business designs, marketing or advertising he always threw a positive spin on things. That’s just the kind of vibe you need when building a business. He’s played it straight with his opinion with no sugar coating. He’s understood my needs and wants from the get-go and innovated on them. It’s hard to find someone on the same wavelength but in saying that, it’s extremely important to do so. His personal interest and flare in fashion have been a supporting element in understanding my business.

Without a doubt, he has contributed outside the box, above and beyond my expectations and I look forward to working with him in the future.