Chris Davidson, Founder of SAVVY Entertainment

Amit has been great from the moment I met him at a networking event. We are both very passionate about our industries so we immediately clicked and I knew from then I wanted to utilise his skills as we were both at the start-up phase. My fears initially were minimal because he never tried to “sell” to me.

Instead, we sat down and just discussed the Vision, Mission and Values of our business which was nothing like I have ever experienced dealing with someone in graphics design or marketing. He has not only taken on board my ideas but helped me cultivate new ways of thinking, broadening my knowledge, connecting me with great people who have been monumental to the growth of our business.

I enjoy being able to discuss our ideas. Quite often I will send him a random question or share a post I read and he gives me a no BS opinion but then backs it up with a solution that helps drive our brand and project forward. I love the ideas Amit has and he never thinks his clients are “too small” to make a significant impact…as he often says “Small time, big time”

I would say…”I have been in my industry for 14 years but it’s really only been the past 12 months that our business has really prospered and thrived and working with Amit from Amyth & Amit has been an integral part of this growth.”