Batia Grinblat, Founder of Infinitelyou

I thought I could build my website from scratch.  It seemed easy and then all the techy stuff started happening or rather not.  Realizing that I don’t have the patience or the talent nor the desire, I sought someone who would help me while I work on the content.  So, after posting a comment on my local community group Amit commented and we started our chat.

I’ve been burned before by another web designer and from experiences in other areas in my life, I found that people are extremely good at lip service .  I never doubted Amit’s capability after our 1 hour conversation.  He had a plan, which I didn’t for once, his proposition ticked all my boxes.  I felt connected and heard, which is 95% of battles when you start projects.  He listened, suggested, offered opinion in a non judgmental way and kept me in check with progress.

My favourite part was that we were able to have some interesting conversations about many topics and do the work within the schedule we allocated.  Amit made it easy!

I would highly recommend Amit to anyone who wants a website designed and keeping informed with marketing trends. His commitment, friendliness, authenticity was shining right through.

You’re the real thing and I look forward to working with you on this project and the other one we talked about!

With gratitude

Batia, Melbourne Victoria, Infinitelyou