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I’ve been freelancing on the side as a professional for a long time under my personal brand. As my part-time gig grew into the now all-in business, I knew a new brand was vital. Choosing the one symbol and name to represent the talent, skill set and ethos took a while but was totally worth the wait.


Amyth and amit - branding experts - XX Logo SmallArtboard 60


Following our very own ‘XX Brand Build Blueprint’ developed to deliver powerful branding was a great way to start our new venture! – Amit Anil

This branding blueprint covers the brand’s customer segmentation, vision, mission, values, unique value proposition, brand strategy, brand positioning, brand assets like the logo, fonts, colour scheme and the content strategy. Three months and 76 brand concepts later, the XX brand is born!

We developed a comprehensive brand with the works. We want our brand to set the standard and capture the WOW effect. Especially since we help startup businesses and SMEs build create, develop and strengthen their brands. Once the brand is developed, then customer-facing brand elements like business card design, website design and content strategy automatically fall into place.


Here’s a quick overview of our simple yet effective business card design. Rectangle or square? What do you think?


If you’re thinking of creating, building or strengthening your brand, then get in touch with us. We love talking about branding!

Amyth and amit - branding experts - XX Logo SmallArtboard 60

What do you think about all this??

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