Rebranding became an essential factor in strengthening the existing customer community. Focusing on maxxing out on the strengths of your brand is get you amazing long-term growth.

Project Location:


The Brand:

Kevin Lokhande Fitness aka KevLokFit is an upcoming brand and movement situated in Hornsby, Sydney. In a very crowded market, two of the best ways to cut through the noise is to have a point of difference and become the key brand of influence in your industry.

The Challenges:

Brand Recognition, Unique Value Proposition, Brand Recall, Word Of Mouth, Brand Momentum, Customer Experience(CX) & Building a Brand Community.

The recent boom of the fitness industry put the importance of health and fitness in the spotlight once more. Along with that came the innovation and mass availability of fitness related products. In a very short time, the fitness industry has become a very lucrative space. Add social media to the mix and you have an insanely crowded space aka the Red Ocean. It has almost become a standard requirement for personal trainers to promote their own brand of supplements and products in the effort to build customer loyalty. For upcoming individuals and brands, growing and surviving in the fitness industry is getting harder by the day. This is where strategy often comes in the form of branding.

Our Solution:

Brand Persona Revamp aka Rebrand, Customer Experience(CX), Brand Mascot, Content Marketing, User Generated Content, Brand Strategy, Design Thinking.

We developed a comprehensive brand strategy to appeal to their niche market. In order to cut through the generic noise in the industry of people and brands offering all the same products and services, it’s important to establish a Unique Value Proposition and leverage it to become the go-to brand for the niche market. We evolved the brand name from an individual personality to a bespoke community concept. This brand concept was created to be used as a verb and a community magnet. ‘Are you KevLokFit?’ was the key brand statement designed to arouse curiosity and a sense of belonging.


The Result:

The KevLokFit concept became an instant hit with their niche market in Hornsby. Although it initially caught on as a joke, the repetitiveness of it made it fun and encouraged people to join in.



With a brand like this, merchandising becomes a whole lot of fun. It gave the brand a concise and engaging message to spread. One that was fun, interactive and emotionally engaging. As the saying goes…


They May Forget What You Said, But They Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel! –¬†Maya Angelou

Communicating this interactive message through supporting products becomes an attention grabber and a daily reminder for the user to align themselves with the ethos of the brand, it’s mascot and the founder(s).

If you’re interested to find out if you are experiencing lack of growth caused by brand asset deficiency, get in touch with us and let’s get you growing!

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