This logo design is still one of my all time favourites. The challenge; balancing creativity with commerce.

Project Location:


The Brand

Keylink Business Solutions is an accounting and taxation firm that is very good at what they do but wanted a brand personality that was just as much creative as it was commerce. They specialise in helping SME’s outsource their accounting, finance and taxation functions.

The Challenge

balancing creativity & commerce, brand recall & capture the team’s unique skillset

Like all startups, KBS faced the same issue; how to cut through the noise and stand out to the ideal customer. The simple yet effective way to do so for any startup is to identify a clear value proposition and build a brand around this ethos. Knowing your ideal customer is vital to business. It helps tailor your approach and increases your chances of appealing to the right customer. Once you emotionally connect with your customer, it becomes easier for them to remember your brand over others when the need for your services arises.

Our Solution

simple yet effective visuals, unique value proposition (uvp) development & branding strategy

Designing an engaging and creative logo for an accounting and taxation firm was challenging. But the project was a huge success and we managed to find the balance we were looking for. The logo symbolises the skillsets and personalities of the directors of KBS. It also stands for brilliance in teamwork and balance. The star represents the outcome that KBS can achieve when their team and the important business functions work together in sync. Teamwork and balance also became the brand ethos from then on.




Investing in your branding is a must in today’s world! Without proper branding, your business remains a commodity. If you’re interested to find out if you are experiencing a lack of growth caused by brand asset deficiency, get in touch with us for a free consultation!

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