This is where we get excited. Like, really excited. Creative direction is all about setting the vision and strategy for a brand, campaign or line. We work together to understand your vision in-depth and the impact you want to make on customers and the community at large.

Creative direction involves our favourite skills; strategic thinking, problem-solving, managing people, projects and resources, leadership, understanding of the latest creative trends, great interpersonal skills, communicating with staff and third parties involved and overall great planning and organisation skills.

My personal goal as a designer at heart has always been to establish myself as a creative director in at an agency. Growing up watching my parents run their own creative agency definitely added fuel to the fire. Little did I know that goal would evolve into running my own creative agency or as I prefer, creative studio. To get to this level as a creative, I’ve consumed huge amounts of content over the last 10 years of my career in the industry as a creative. Godfathers of my industry and powerhouses like DDB, Saatchi, Ogilvy, Leo Burnett and The Monkeys have always been my knights in shining armour haha.

To reach the level where I am very confident in myself I’ve been priming myself for years. Putting in the time and consistently feeding and strengthening my creative side to develop an eye for understanding what makes people know, like, trust and love brands and personalities. It’s all about creating the right fit for the target market. This is where innovation sliiiiides in! Consistently improving on existing ways to make products and services more appealing through content marketing and branding is what brings the edge, the XX Factor as I call it.


P.S. Exciting inside news; We are in the process of interviewing creative directors to get their input on what makes for great creative direction. If you know of anyone who would add a wealth of knowledge or are one yourself, get in touch with us. Also, watch this space!


What do you think about all this??

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