About Me

It all began 10 years ago when I decided to follow in my parents’ footsteps and start my career in the creative branding and marketing industry. My love for minimal design thinking and simplifying communications lead to studies in Graphic Design, Digital Media, Website Development and Design Thinking. I started freelancing at the age of 19 while studying at Auckland University of Technology full time, to help me apply all the theory to my client projects. I quickly learned that I needed to broaden my skill-set in order to create a truly value-rich offering.

On my 21st birthday, I decided to start my Bachelor of Business majoring in Marketing and Advertising. This gave my skill-set the well-needed depth required to excel in my career. This combination of learning leads to my big light-bulb moment. From then, it was as simple as following the strategy I developed to get me and my mindset to where I am today. XX is my contribution to the world and a legacy that is bound to make my mum proud haha.

Check out my LinkedIn Profile for all the details on my professional and academic achievements.

My Purpose

Bring our community together in an effort to create a harmonious, progressive and surreal future.

About XX

Here at XX, my team of freelancers and I, help businesses and brands develop mind-blowing brand connections and marketing systems with the aim to create long-lasting customer relationships and communities.

We want to helps brands, communities and people interact and engage with excitement and sincerity. – Amit Anil

Our no BS mantra helps us focus on getting results and busting all kinds of marketing myths you are and/or may face. Everything from getting started with the logo, print and web assets, to setting up comprehensive marketing systems and strategies. All with the aim to champion the customer and brand purpose. We’ve got you covered.

Our Values

Everything we do, we do with a certain mindset. This mindset is a movie directed by our values;

I ~ We walk with warriors while thinking like kings.

II ~ We’re here to win with heart!

III ~ We stay solution focused.

IV ~ Keep it real keep it 100!

V ~ Simplicity is key.

VI ~ Be wow.

It’s all about creating solutions and brand communities that believe and strive towards the brand vision and mission. If you are looking to find the right marketing mix to get on-going sales, long-term growth and do it all within your resources, let’s connect to see if we’re a good fit!

I look forward to doing amazing things together! πŸ§€ 🀘 πŸ’― 🌴

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~ Amit Anil

“The more you put into anything in life, the more you get out!”

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