Marketing Is Life ~ Brand Punch

Marketing Is Life ~ Brand Punch


Marketing Is Life


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Daily, we’re exposed to upwards of 5000 brand messages and advertisements. The big question is; how can your brand stand out in the crowd?

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“Belief and conviction;
the one-two punch you need to strive.”

Amit Anil

Brand Punch

Marketing communication has come a long way since the mass media one-size-fits-all approach. Technological advancements now provide marketers with the opportunity to reach the ideal consumer directly, with relevant messaging in a targeted cost-effective manner. Consumers too have evolved to become brand savvy. They know what they want, why they want it and how they want it delivered. Now, brands focus on attracting the ideal consumer; the narrative has evolved.

The secret is a compelling brand message that connects with the ideal consumer’s values and paradigms. Everything from your brand’s vision, mission and values, to the product, service and customer experience, forms the brand message. Whether or not we like a brand and its products is a split-second intuitive decision made by our brain. Equally vital is your absolute belief and conviction in your brand message. The outcome; the consumer develops a strong emotional connection with your brand.

As an individual, developing strong, profound beliefs helps us live our lives with conviction. A life of decisiveness, motivation, momentum, happiness and an empowering feeling of pure fulfilment.

Belief and conviction are the fundamentals of life. One without the other feels like living life in black and white.