Marketing Is Life ~ Brand Flow

Marketing Is Life ~ Brand Flow


Marketing Is Life


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Every venture in life and business demands flow, form and force.

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“Life is the dance between flow & force.”

Amit Anil

Brand Flow

Knowing when to apply one of the three is the key to building and maintaining long-term momentum.

The ability to utilise natural flow in both life and business requires a deep sense of trust. A combination of trust in self, the venture concept and the people involved. It’s the ability to identify what works well naturally and letting it take shape on its own.

Possessing strong form allows you to be prepared for anything the venture throws at you. Being prepared requires consistent action towards set goals, strengthening the skill set possessed by you and your team. Building an agile mindset is key to survival in times of uncertainty.

More often than not, in order to get the most out of our lives, businesses and adventures, we need to make things happen. Carve out our own paths so to speak. This is when the vision and mission for life and brand come into the picture. Combine flow and form to develop an intuition of where and when to utilise force and push through the barriers posed by existing paradigms and social norms.

Our lives, startups and brands exist in a similar space that requires similar building blocks. Understanding the market allows for brand clarity and impactful innovation.

This dance has allowed visionaries of the world to impact the evolution of our paradigms and the social constructs of our everyday lives.