Marketing Is Life ~ Ep 2 ~ How I designed my logo

Marketing Is Life ~ Ep 2 ~ How I Designed My Logo.


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Episode 2 dives into the symbology and meaning behind the XX Logo & Legacy!

XX How, What & Why

A few common questions that I get asked regularly are; “How did you come up with your logo design?” “What’s the XX Legacy about?” “Why is your logo two X’s?” I answer all these Qs in today’s episode of Marketing Is Life!

Carrying on from the previous episode, developing my own brand and logo was an exciting project. It pushed me to dive deep into why I’m out here doing this and what value do I bring to all my clients and my purpose driving it all. The result; I developed and designed a brand that gets me pumped for life every time I look at it.

The XX Legacy represents who I am and the values I practice every single day from the time I wake up to the time I fall asleep. XX is a typographic representation of the logo as it looks very similar to the logo itself haha

The XX logo involves three elements;

Logo Element One: The picture frame movie directors and photographers sign with their fingers to visually compose a scene or a shot.

Logo Element Two: The balance of the two main relationships and perceptions I deal with on a daily basis. The client’s perception successfully collaborating with mine. When the client and their brand collaborate successfully with mine it forms a sweet spot that caters for successful interaction with their customer.

Logo Element Three: For a long time I’ve been infatuated by the greek symbol called Inguz, which means ‘Where there is a will, there is a way!’. This symbol happens to be the vertical form of the logo concept I developed. In symbology, the slightest change is presentation may mean something totally different. So all in all, my love for symbology also plays a part in my brand.

The XX Legacy brand drives me to become a better me every day. It is a constant reminder that this is my opportunity to add value to the world and build my own legacy. One that will make my time here on our beautiful Earth worthwhile.