Marketing Is Life ~ Ep 1 ~ The Concept

Marketing Is Life ~ Ep 1 ~ The Concept


Marketing Is Life TV

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What started as a book has now evolved into a video series…

What is ‘Marketing Is Life’?

The entire concept started with the inception of my book called Marketing Is Life, which explores and discusses the synergy between branding, marketing and everyday life. Since reading isn’t everyone’s cup of chai, I decided to make it a multi-medium project.

What is Marketing Is Life?

It’s a book, it’s a podcast, it’s a…?

Marketing Is Life is now a book, video series and soon to be a podcast too! I’m producing everything myself from start to finish. Super excited to get better at video production, writing and podcasting.

Who is Marketing Is Life for?

Startups looking to improve on their branding, founders wanting to learn more about the marketing and branding world, marketing and branding students and people interested in marketing and branding.

Where can I watch your videos?

You can catch the videos here or on YouTube Channel called Amyth & Amit, my IGTV channel @amitanil and on my Facebook page @AmythAndAmit