Marketing Is Life ~ Brand Wonderland

Marketing Is Life ~ Brand Wonderland


Marketing Is Life


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Feelings are memorable. Feelings are eternal. Feelings are subject to influence.

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“Come let’s run away to our wonderland & explore the place hand in hand.”

Amit Anil

Brand Wonderland

Feelings play a huge role in relationships. How others make you feel and how you feel around others, affects us each and every day.

These feelings repel or attract us towards people, events, brands, countries and experiences.

No matter what you do in life, the most common factor you have to deal with is people and their feelings. Just like you control who you attract or repel, businesses can do the same via their unique brand.

Branding possesses the power to affect and influence feelings. Brands that understand this secret do an absolutely brilliant job of creating a brand utopia for people that form its brand community.

A brand experience is a holistic result of the interaction between people and brand touch points. Touch points involve a brand’s website, social media, mobile app, products, services, advertising, marketing and the overall customer experience. The style of communication, may it be written, visual, audio, design, direct, indirect, plays a significant role in influencing feelings.

In our everyday lives, our family, friends and lovers form this utopia or wonderland that keeps us happy. Branding can make us feel the same way. Like Maya said, people will never forget how you made them feel.