Marketing Is Life ~ Brand Possibility

Marketing Is Life ~ Brand Possibility


Marketing Is Life


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What is possible is heavily dependant on our paradigm of possibility.

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“It’s impossible for something not to be possible.”

Amit Anil

Brand Possibility

What is possible is heavily dependant on our paradigm of possibility. 

We hear different versions of this concept throughout our lives and each one of us understands it differently. Of course, there are many situations in life that make us feel like things are impossible. That’s when our mindset comes into play.

For brands and business, possibility comes down to strategy. It’s all about the ‘how’. Founders envision their brand success like an artist envisions their finished artwork while staring at the blank canvas. How to transform the vision to reality is directly connected to our perception of what’s possible.

‘Trial and error’ is one of the most universal truths that exist today. There’s a plethora of strategy concepts and case studies for us to take inspiration from. Startups that survive, develop a strong sense of strategy; what resources do I have at my disposal, how can I maximise my strengths, what tangible steps can I take to get closer to living my vision. 

In life, we can utilise the same thought process to achieve goals and custom create our reality. The better we understand our internal environment, the better we can apply ourselves to our external situations and challenges. Basing every decision on a combination of facts, figures and intuition strengthen the chances of bringing our vision to life.

Our paradigm is the key to strategic orientation.