It’s an element that plays a vital role in every aspect of life.


“Self-trust is built
by balancing the
lion and the mouse.”

-Amit Anil

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Throughout our lives, we learn about balance. It’s an element that plays a vital role in every aspect of life. Running a business while building a brand is definitely a domain where balance dominates. 

Working in the business and working on the business is a century-old balancing act. Likewise, living your daily life while planning it requires balance and discipline. 

In both life and business, we face a plethora of challenges, that require us to respond in different ways. For some, we need the strength, courage and the might of a lion. For some, we need attention to detail, adaptability and the ability to sense and avoid danger in advanced.

Balancing between our inner lion and mouse while understanding when to utilise which personality traits is vital for survival and success.

Every business and brand faces challenges unique to their situation. Developing the ability to wear multiple hats and utilise multiple personality traits definitely helps longevity. Providing products and services that customer love requires the inner mouse. While an uber creative and out-there marketing strategy requires the inner lion to step out.

In our personal lives, our inner lion is needed when embarking on a daunting adventure while our inner mouse steps out to handle our financial planning. Knowing we can adapt our approach to our challenges helps us trust in ourselves, which helps us believe in ourselves, which is the  secret to living a fulfilling life.

What do you think about all this??

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