Marketing Is Life ~ Brand Choice

Marketing Is Life ~ Brand Choice


Marketing Is Life


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Have you ever thought about why people want to be your friend or want you to be a part of their lives?

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“Your brand is the reason, people choose you over others.”

Amit Anil

Brand Choice

This question is a great way of understanding and identifying your strengths as a persona and a brand. It’s so easy to get caught up thinking about our weaknesses. So finding the answer to this question is vital for growth and self-evaluation for both, people and brands.

People make choices and decisions in a holistic manner, with emotions at the forefront of important factors to consider. This is where your brand plays a paramount role. A well thought out brand attracts your ideal customer. In a personal sense, it attracts like-minded people.

In this situation, you stop selling and people start buying. In this situation, you stop chasing and people start sticking around. Your brand is your persona, it’s your essence, it’s your DNA showcased for the people to experience and understand. Your brand communicates who you are and what you’re about regardless of whether you are physically present or not.

Understanding and highlighting your unique combination of experience, offering and personality builds your brand foundation.

Identify your strengths, find creative ways to capture and showcase them, focus on quality and add value to every single person that comes in contact with you and your brand.

Your brand is your legacy.

Contribute, collaborate and create.