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Leading a brand towards paradise requires sailing of great finesse.

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“Which comes first; a calm mind or better decisions?”

Amit Anil

Brand Decisions

Shoutout to the chicken and the egg for sparking this thoughtventure. Yes, I just made up a word. It’s an exercise that I absolutely love picking up at least once a day as part of my continued mindfulness. Like a great book, its value increases every time I put it down.

Decisions and choices come knocking on an hourly, daily and forever basis. Most of them are made by our subconscious based on our very essence as a human. I detail the role essence plays in an earlier thoughtventure, check it out! Each day we wake up with different levels of focus, energy, motivation and mindset. We seldom wake up with a mindset ready to make great decisions.

This is where mindfulness plays a vital role each and every day. It’s an exercise to practice regularly in order to focus and calm our mind. I remind myself of who I want to be and the life I want to live. I can then look at decisions and choices holistically and respond effectively. Regardless of the magnitude, each mindful decision made sculpts and strengthens my intuitional decision making skill.

Leading a brand towards paradise requires sailing of great finesse. Which stems from the art of navigation. Utilising the practice of mindfulness from a brand perspective strengthens your connection with your brand destination. Brand mindfulness is best explored with your team. It helps you identify your brand values along the journey.

So, can you answer the question?