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“Supporters don’t come easy. So make it easy for them to support you.”

Amit Anil

Brand Support

The simple luxuries, the easy access to utilities, the plethora of free resources, the family, friends and supporters. It’s easy to forget the value of what and who we have supporting us.

There’s always something or someone better out in the world, which can be very enticing. Aspiring for the better is a daily necessity; better health, better quality of life and better finances. But often in search of the new and better, we end up neglecting the blessings that we already have.

From a personal perspective, supporters can take several forms. It’s up to us to strengthen and maintain these relationships on a regular basis. Investing genuine time, emotions and effort into family, friends and our support network pays off in the long run. Communication is key to helping our supporters help us. Help them help you is a simple way to put it.

Brands are in a similar situation. Their supporters are internal and external. Starting with employees, interns, ambassadors, brand partners, current, past and future customers, influencers, bloggers, industry professionals, contractors, media outlets and brand fans. In short, the brand community.

Investing time and resources into keeping your current supporters engaged, happy and offering an overall value-adding experience is paramount for continued support. The result; consistent, long-term organic growth.