Foot Traffic Finesse – The Attention Economy

Foot Traffic Finesse ~ The Attention Economy


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Samsung’s S9 Promo

The attention economy doesn’t just exist in the digital world. We’ve been living and breathing in the heart of it since the 1800s!

Walking past this was always awesome!

I think it’s the perfect combination of colours, layers and glass! For some reason, it does remind me of stained glassšŸ¤”

In our Bombay home, my rents used to have a dinner table and centre lampshade made out of back-lit stained glass and matte black wood. As a kid, it fascinated me so much that I couldn’t wait for it to get dark outside so I could turn the lights onšŸ˜šŸ’ƒšŸ½

TheĀ Samsungs10Ā coming out this year looks pretty mint! I wonder what the window display for that looks like?!?! Guess I’ve got anotherĀ photoventureĀ coming upĀ šŸ¤˜šŸ½šŸ“ø

A perfect 3D visual experience for people to soak up on their commute!

Marvel Comics Comeback

MarvelĀ made a huge comeback in every way possible. MerchandisingĀ on point! I like thisĀ window displayĀ because it’s simple yet effective. This definitely took me back haha

Even though the movement of Spider-Man is simple it’s still eye-catching and allows the viewer to then move their focus to the comic strip in the background. All the nostalgia generated by this setup instantly gets transferred onto the shoes on sale. Now they aren’t just shoes, they are a quick trip into their childhood of comics and cartoons. All of this is thought out as part of a larger strategy to capitalise off your attention.

Creativity is taking over. It’s the key to connection and brand recallĀ I reckon!

Marble Bar Thinking Strategically

I spotted this smart promo byĀ Marble BarĀ in the lobby right outside the elevators of a particular corporate building. It made me ask, what are they selling?? The answer; the Marble BarĀ experience!

They’re leveraging the reputation of the alcohol brands to entice the hard working people to come down and treat themselves to a quick break. Cuz they work so hard!

If you haven’t been then you’re missing out. It’s got quite the decor and ambienceĀ šŸ“øĀ @ Marble Bar

Creativity = Connection

Providing a uniquely amazing experience is paramount when it comes to brand recognition and connection. Marketing has always been more than just what you see on billboards and websites. It’s just starting to become apparent to many people…

If you’re wanting to review your brand experience and find out how you can improve your marketing to boost brand and consumer connection, we’re happy to have a quick chat to point you in the right direction! We’re just a message or a call away.

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