The Comeback Series

The Comeback Series


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Tommy Hilfiger

Inspired by #bigdraco 😂🤘🏽 Just the other day I realised I’ve been around for a long time! Long enough to witness not just one, but several brands make a huge comeback. These brands were poppin’ in the late 90s, laid low in the 00s and POW! Back to the mega-popular 🤩🔥

So here are my top three, starting with my personal favourite brand Tommy Hilfiger 🐐

We all remember the dope Tommy jackets with the huge Tommy logos looking all Tommy like haha yes, I like the name!


Fila has been around for as long I can remember. They always put out uber cool stuff, with their urban wear taking the cup.

They have done it again, droppin 90s inspired outfits 💃🏾🤘🏽

*Photo credit: Culture Kings & Fila LookBook


Completing my top 3 comeback brands is Champion! Great on the eye and easy on the feel. I hope these brands are still making comebacks when I hit 60 haha

Just noticed how similar the brand colours are for all of these the brands 🤯🤔

Brands are very much alive and dynamic. Their lifecycle is very similar to that of ours. Understanding the synergies between your brand and your customers is key to long-term success.

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