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Marketing Is Life ~ Brand Execution


Marketing Is Life


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It’s not in the dreaming but in the doing that matters.

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“The distance between idea & success is called execution.”

Amit Anil

Brand Execution

On a regular basis, I put myself in situations to meet new people. At the end of the day, the field of branding and marketing is all about people mastery.

There is a clear divide between people that indulge in ideas and the ones that are addicted to doing.

The art of doing is a hard acquired skill. It’s something that requires discipline and courage every single minute of every single day. Macro decisions and micro choices empower the art of doing. What you do is what makes you.

It’s common for different people to think of the same ideas. So it’s not something that should put you off at all. In fact, the execution of the idea is far more vital to its success than the idea itself.

Physical examples of this concept surround us every day. The products and services we choose are largely due to their execution style. The one that understands the problems better and provides solutions that fit our needs is the one that gets chosen instinctively.

The same goes for our characteristics and lifestyles. What we do and how we choose to live our lives on a daily basis attracts and repels the people in our life.

So next time you have an idea that has potential, invest in understanding, exploring and testing its validity before you discard or dive into it.

Better planning equals better execution.