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Marketing Is Life


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Today, what I do and don’t do gives birth to my tomorrow where I will or won’t be living the life I want and dream about.

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“Your vision feeds your mindset and creates your reality.”

Amit Anil

Brand Mindset

Every single decision, choice and step shapes my very existence. So it’s paramount that I know where I’m heading and who I want to be along the way. At least once a week I’ll make time to reflect on my vision and reconnect with my ideal mindset. It’s like my personal GPS that regularly updates itself based on my environment.

Defining my vision for lifestyle and myself is something I find absolutely rejuvenating and exciting. I focus on visualising my ideal physical, mental and spiritual states and how they affect me overall when they work together.

This practice is just as important for businesses and brands alike. In fact, it helps your brand community make better decisions and provides them with a sense of belief that they are on the right track. This can be a very empowering feeling for your team, brand ambassadors and ultimately your customers.

There are many ways brands can personalise this practice to suit their unique brand and situation. Some brands take their teams overseas for a volunteering project and some keep things simple by hosting the team at a local beach house and running innovation workshops.

Identifying your vision helps goal setting and makes long-term gain an exciting climax.