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Marketing Is Life


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Today, more than ever, there is a plethora of entities attempting to capture your focus. From family, friends and people to emails, social media and technology.

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“Focus your efforts on effortless focus.”

Amit Anil

Brand Focus

Like petrol in cars and data in mobile plans, we have physical, mental and spiritual limitations. This means we need to choose what to allocate our limited focus on. It’s a task that requires consistency and discipline on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.

The key is to figure out what and who comes naturally to us. The people who make an effort to support you and be part of your life and the things you’re naturally good at. Focusing on what’s already working for you is paramount for growth and evolution.

People and brands often overlook their existing strengths and resources in an effort to grow and evolve. What works for others may not always work for you. Like people, every brand is different and requires a unique approach in their journey. Doing so provides clarity in direction and decisions you make.

When you thoroughly understand your strengths and weaknesses and know exactly what works for you, you can avoid distractions. Allowing you to stay focused and stay confident in the path you have chosen.

Trust in what you know and pave your own path for you and your brand.

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