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So Super Bowl time has always been exciting for me. More so for the flagship advertising that airs during the time.

Watching and evaluating ads was one of my favourite parts of studying advertising at the Auckland University of Technology. So every year I get my snacks and drinks ready… hook up my widescreen to my sound system and line up each and every Super Bowl Ad. I absolutely love watching ads on the daily so these ones are the mac daddies of the big brand ads haha

If you’re searching for the ads online and getting confused because there just seem to be so many, it’s quite simple. There are the ads that get played during the actual game and then there are the ones that air before it. So I’ve considered both kinds for this top 3 selection.

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Here are my TOP 3 favourites out of all the 2019 Super Bowl Commercials!

coming in at #3

100 Billion Words

Google’s ‘100 Billion Words’ comes in 3rd. I’m all about people loving people so my choices are more on the emotive side. Humour is definitely great but an ad that entices a strong emotional connection with the audience always wins. It instantly creates a memory of trust and this is exactly what helps cut through the ever-increasing noise content we consume on and offline. Google definitely captures the essence of what today’s world means to a lot of people of all ages; Love.

Love in diversity, love in friendship, love in travel, love in people, love in fear, love in hurt, love in divide and love in translation. Love in more than 100 billion words every day. – Amit Anil


the silver spot at #2 goes to

A Coke is a Coke

With all the talk about how Coke causes obesity and health issues over the decades, we know that everything in moderation is healthy. We are all different and yet, together we are all the same. Life is the same for everyone; we all want happiness, safety, financial freedom, family, love and memories. Coke ads have a signature style and strategy; Spread happiness and unity regardless of our differences. Their ads simplify the meaning of life and have been doing so for decades.

As adults, we become very picky as to who we like, who we don’t, who we love and who we hate. But these ads remind me of how I used to think like a kid. Everyone’s differences were awesome and it made meeting new people an adventure. I mean, when you actually go on a physical adventure you come across experiences that you like and ones that you don’t. It’s that simple.

By the end of this Coke ad, like many others, I found myself smiling and filled with all the rainbows and flowers. It made me excited to see my friends and family again. It made me wonder! How about you?


aaaaaand the heavyweight champ at #1

The Best Super Bowl 2019 Commercial

Give It Everything

Straight off the bat, Kia had my attention. The soundtrack, the close-up and the tone of voice. This ad demanded my attention and focus. Although the kid is talking about him, his town and his people, I felt like he was talking about me too.

Aren’t we all out here trying to make something of our lives, bring our ideas to life, write our own stories in the stars, erect our own metaphorical statues, build our careers and we hope to be known for what we do, who we help and what we contribute to this gorgeous world?

Creativity and collaboration is leading us into the future. – Amit Anil

Kia actually produced a video capturing the story behind its Big Game ad. I absolutely love the fact that their ad has so much gravitas and that’s exactly why they are the winners in my books! NOTE: This isn’t a super bowl ad but still a part of their campaign.

Watch the real story of how the small town of West Point, GA, home of the Kia Telluride, lived to fight another day.

Here’s to great unknowns!




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Honourable Mentions

The 2019 Super Bowl produced a lot of similar ads this time around and most, heavily relied on celebrity power. But very few brands focused on the fundamentals of good advertising. In saying that cutting it down to the top three was hard! There are some strong contenders which are all awesome in different ways.

Honourable mentions go to NFL 100, Bumble, Hyundai, Microsoft, Pringles, Ram trucks, Budweiser and Jeep.

See for yourself!

The 100-Year Game




The Elevator


We All Win


Sad Device


Can’t Remember


Wind Never Felt Better


More Than Just Words

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What do you think about all this??

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