Ancients Among Us

Ancients Among Us



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We’re so busy working towards our futures that we forget there is a ton of learning in the past. Google has made it easier to access all kinds of knowledge, wisdom and experience. The ancients among us are a great reminder!

Recently, I got back into photography as a way to get out of the studio and rejuvenate myself by exploring Sydney. For me, this is the kind of ‘going out’ that gets me excited for life haha

I quickly remembered why I used to love it so much. Photography helps me engage a part of my brain that’s easily forgotten. Exploring new perceptions and discovering new life lessons from my environment. My ‘Ancients Among Us’ photo series definitely helped me connect a few dots that usually sit galaxies apart.

This year I’m all about sharing my thoughts and insights into my world of creativity. So without further ado, here are three simple life lessons I picked up from one day of exploring our beautiful Sydney.

Lesson One: Cherish The Have Been…

The ‘have been’ are highly underrated in today’s world. Once at their peak, now undervalued. But at no point in time does this affect the treasure of wisdom and learning accumulated by these ancients. This is super exciting for many reasons. Regardless of technology advancing, the ancients possess the knowledge and an understanding that only comes with experience.

I’ve always been fascinated by the ancients among us. The past standing strong through everyone’s present. The Titans built to last acting as a time capsule, a blast from the past. So much detail and so many stories connected.

Everyone walks past every day but few notice their wonder. I’m so glad that these buildings are looked after and I hope they stick around for another century to come!

If only they could speak, they could walk us through each decade’s peak.Β πŸ˜πŸ—»πŸ™πŸ½

Wonder which of today’s buildings should last for a century?Β πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

Lesson Two: Set The Tone…

Have you ever thought about how entrances and doors used to be so important? So creative and so energetic. They made the simple act of entering and exiting an engaged and interactive experience. Making you feel a certain way. Setting the tone and mood before you walk in and when you leave.

For businesses, it’s their website.
For people, it’s their persona.

What you reckon? Also, the second edit of this photo looks like a door from Harry Potter! 😍🏰⚑

Lesson Three: You Can Have The Beautiful With The Busy.

Every generation perceives the world in a new and exciting way. Introducing the world to new ways to earn a living and live their daily lives. The word ‘passion’ is seen and heard everywhere, but how often do you try to understand it? How often do you try to find what it means to you specifically?

Social media exposes us to other people’s passions, talents, successes and their way of life. This makes it very hard to stay true to our passions and what makes us happy.

Taking time out on a regular basis to realign yourself with the things that keep you believing in your existence, is vital for both business and personal growth!

Amit Anil

For me, it’s all about where I’ve been that excites me as there’s a little me in every past experience. Collectively I am me today because of the experiences faced in all my yesterdays. Hope that makes sense! haha

One of the ways I realign myself with my purpose and passion is through photography. It’s exciting how much you learn just by looking up. I mean, that’s how a lot of discoveries were made in past and still are today. I notice that people are so busy being busy that they rarely look up and enjoy the beauty around us.

Part of living is feeling alive and for me, looking up and appreciating how far we have come, definitely gives me the feels each and every timeΒ πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’ƒπŸ½Β I love being proactive when it comes to understanding my existence and my purpose. This works exactly the same for my businesses and brands.