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Marketing Is Life


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The essence of you and your brand act as pheromones…

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“Times change and so do you. But the essence of who you are always seeps through.”

Amit Anil

Brand Essence

Change is inevitable. Change is good.
Change is vital to growth and evolution.

Change is great for personal growth.
Change is great for business evolution.

When meeting people after a
long time, they often say

“You haven’t changed at all. I like it!”

Amit Anil

Your brand is your essence. Your essence is your DNA, it’s your blueprint. Knowing who and what your brand is about is paramount in today’s high-octane, always-on communication.

Staying true to the essence of you is what creates powerful emotional connections that last for a lifetime. These connections surpass age, time and priorities. They remain vibrant and with nourishment help build your brand community.

To an individual, their brand community consists of their family, friends, colleagues, mentors and followers.

To a business, their brand community consists of their team, customers, brand partners and ambassadors.

When you have a clear understanding of you, it shows in everything you do.

Your essence. Your brand. Your legacy.