Most people aren’t rational 24/7. In fact, the majority of purchase decision and decisions, in general, are made emotionally.

There’s a reason why someone pays thousands more for a Harley Davidson, Apple, Nike or Rolex while there are perfectly functional, cheaper alternatives in the market. That little voice inside you keep saying, “Go for the Harley, imagine how much more fun you will have cruising down Great Ocean Road.” Or “You know, you want the Apple iPhone!” Or ” Nikes are just made better, buy them!”

But why is this voice inside, so right? All of these brands communicate to your emotions and feelings. Through their #branding and #marketing, they enter your daydreams and connect with your ideas of success and happiness. That’s how they build loyal and thriving customer communities around their brand! 💯😍🌴


What do you think about all this??

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