#GabrielleChanel aka #CocoChanel simply states how this #principle and its implications were clarified at the infamous Association of National Advertisers conference in Phoenix. Megamind #CMOs from leading organisations outlined why purpose-driven branding takes the cup in today’s environment.

Find your #why, is a #concept that has been thrown around a lot in the past 10 years. Which has made it seem like another trend/fad/jargon that’s just another trick in the toolbox. Yet, every day, everything we do has a strong ‘why’ behind it. Makes you think right? In other words, your #purpose is the driving factor in the #life choices you make.

According to the Business Strategy Insider, the purpose is made up of two elements. Functional; focuses on #commercial #success aka making money. Intentional; add #value to the #world while making money. #Consumers know that making #money is important to almost every #business, but they admire and become loyal to #brands that are about more than just profitability. Does this ring any bells for you? Which brands do you love? Why do you love them? Are they about more than just money? These brands are a great source of #inspiration for your own #brand #marketing.



What do you think about all this??

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