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Own Your Thing

In my opinion, Hip Hop is by far the leading music genre in the world at the moment. But its roots aren’t as recent as you may think. Often subject to controversy, Hip Hop and its culture are seen as just that, a not-so-positive genre of music. But in fact, it is a gigantic source of learning, if you look at it with the right lens.

Branding and marketing are aspects not only of the commercial world but also our personal world. GucciMane has the ultimate comeup story. He has portrayed several personas through his career with the latest being a totally unexpected turn for the better. So good, that people thought he was a clone planted by the government.

The most phenomenal accomplishment by far is the loyal following he has built all around the world. He created a brand, made it his own and inspired a new generation as the TrapGod!

His personal brand #GucciMane and company brand #1017eskimorecords have all the key elements that make a great brand. #Branding comes in all forms and as long as it offers amazing value, tells a relevant story and communicates an emotional connection with its audience it will be successful.

His brand community is strong and supports him faithfully, not because he is rich and famous, but because he has a very strong undiluted message. An ever-evolving one at that, which people can relate to on an everyday life.

What does all this have to do with business and marketing? It’s simple! If you or your brand stand for something and believe in your message, then utilise your marketing to share your journey and tell a story that people can relate to no matter what stage of life they are in. Burr!

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