XX Marketing Success Series: Branding

XX Marketing Success Series: Branding


Marketing Success Series

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Strong brands attract buyers. Simple. It doesn’t matter what stage your brand is in; starting out, starting over or established. Developing a strong brand can be done at any stage of your business.

Your brand is so much more than logo design, website design, business cards, stationery and social media covers. A strong brand also covers slogans, taglines, flyers, brochures, the way your team answers the phone, the tone and personality of the copy on all customer touch points and the way your customers experience your service or product. Every aspect of your brand that affects the customers’ experience is part of your brand. At Amyth & Amit, we cover everything you need to build a strong brand you can be proud of.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Jeff Bezos

Differentiate yourself from the competition with a successful, thought-out brand plan. A successful brand takes a stand and proudly communicates the belief behind why and how it can add value to the people and their communities. It paints a picture of what your company is all about. There are several business goals your brand plan needs to address. Starting with the most important one, to define your vision and mission for your customer community and delivering it through all customer touch points consistently.

“If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”

Howard Schultz

Your branding is a great way to express your values, differentiate yourself from your competitors and tell your story in a way that engages with your ideal customer. It can also inspire your team to strive for excellence and make them feel proud of being part of something amazing. Branding is a vital part of your relationship with your employees, customers and brand partners. Building trust from the first time they hear about you, till they have become a paying customer. A strong brand keeps customers loyal and turns them into brand ambassadors.

“Your branding is the first impression of your business and your vision behind it.”

Amit Anil

Your brand is the reason people choose you over others! Think about all your favourite brands and why you prefer them over others. All those reasons create a successful brand. Now you know that you can’t afford to ignore the importance of branding when building a business. So let’s get started with the foundation you need to build your strong successful brand!