There’s a saying, “You cannot not communicate”.

You Cannot Not Communicate


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The Brand

Everything we do all day every day communicates a message to the people, community and world around us.

Online, offline, verbal, non-verbal and through the energy we radiate. Whether say something or you don’t, whether you do something or you don’t, whether you stand for something or you don’t, you are communicating a message.

It’s the same for a business and its brand. It’s not just the customer-facing elements that I’m talking about here.

All elements, internal and external need to convey your vision, mission and values.

Amit Anil

The VMV concept isn’t just for big corporates or to slap it on a wall just for the sake of it.

Think about your business and its brand as a human being, an exceptional one at that. This person will uphold the same values, morals and principles no matter where they are. We all know or have met one person who fakes a persona in our lives. Think about how you feel about them. Do you want people to feel that way about your business or brand? I think not.

When all internal and external elements are aligned with the vision, mission and values of your business and brand, you, my friend are running an organisation that’s in the same realm as exceptional brands like Apple, Nike, The Entourage and every other business or brand that has provided you with a brilliant experience.

This kind of workplace ethos does absolute wonders for all staff in every department. To top it off, it attracts the right type of customers, employees, business partners and opportunities.

Working towards developing a synergy across every aspect of a business, organisation, brand, group, life, relationships, mind, body and soul provides the ultimate result; excellence. So live every day, do everything and communicate all the time with purpose. Marketing is life. More than you know it.

If you agree with any of it, you’re on the right track. Amyth & Amit is all about connecting purposeful businesses and brands with purposeful people. If you’re interested in developing long-lasting relationships with customers and businesses alike, let’s connect and do amazing things together!